Nowruz Technology Development Group Co


About Us

Nowruz Technology Development Group Co. (Knowledge-Based) is a new born organization created by a synergy of experienced culture and art organizations, Publications and IT company to facilitate knowledge and technology in macro business projects.

Main spectacular characteristic of this cooperation is a creative and aligned point of view toward creation and development of knowledge based solutions to equip organizational customers, businesses and end-users with efficient access to products and services. We use smart big-data monitoring, cleansing and processing to achieve this goal.

Our Mission

Nowruz Group mission is;
Research and Development (R&D) to provide new solutions in below criteria:

  • establishment of standard knowledge based and technical infrastructures for big data storage, online sales and better customer and provider’s usability.
  • Leadership and development of online businesses in both product and service sectors
  • Continues research and development to achieve more efficient user experience (UX)
  • Cooperation and partnership with IT and Content Production start-ups and elites



An innovative project to review usability of books metadata

Book exchange and trade smart management platform equipped with IT infrastructures


The most exclusive and comprehensive platform for publication managemen


An Smart Value Chain Management Back-office Software



Pardazesh Tahlil Company

Roozbahan Publications

Karino Publications